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Sound Doctrine, the same teachings you've been viewing on this website for years has now been made available in 5 ½ X 7 inch volumes, especially designed for learning and teaching.

The pages of these volumes lie flat, making teaching from them or taking notes easier. These new volumes have recently been edited and updated and contain exciting, additional information that will truly edify the serious bible teacher or student. They'll help answer any of the most misunderstood doctrines of scripture.

They explain creation and the reason for it, predestination, the trinity and many others, presenting their reader with a clear, easy to understand explanation of end time prophesy.

These volumes even provide the opportunity for both teacher and student to personalize them with their own illustrations, bible verses or stories which they can locate adjacent to the very paragraphs that bring these thoughts to mind.

I don't believe that any true seeker of bible truth, whether teacher or student, will regret the purchase of these volumes. This fantastic opportunity to unlock the spiritual mysteries revealed in these 13 volumes will soon be available to purchase one volume at a time.

These volumes reflect their title and they deliver what they reflect. Contained within them, from cover to cover, is “Sound Doctrine.”

The first of these volumes are now being made available. You can purchase the first volume for an introductory price of $10.00 plus shipping and handling. The remaining 12 volumes will be available for $12.00 each plus shipping and handling. We will keep any of you interested in purchasing these volumes posted as to their availability. Just send your request by email to: Do not fail to include your complete mailing address so that we can accurately determine the cost of postage and send your purchased volume to the correct address. If paying by check, requested books will not be mailed until checks have been received and cleared. Your check will be regarded as an order and your book mailed to you within two or three weeks.

Any profits received from the sale of these books will be used as a donation to those in need. These volumes are being made available through Living Water Bible Institute.

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