No Greater Love
By: C.H.James

The scent of flowers filled the air
Now cooling from the heat
The shops lay closed and empty
Not a soul upon the street
Golden lights through casements
Broke the darkness now complete
As our little band of twelve
Began gathering to eat

The upper room lay waiting
The Master in His place
Light from a lamp now glowing
Fell soft upon His face
Shadows danced upon the wall
Moving without trace
I knew the memory of this night
Time could not erase

The Master told us one beloved
Had in his heart conceived
A plan of cold betrayal
One who had believed
As He spoke tears filled His eyes
He spoke as one bereaved
We pondered who among us
Satan had deceived

He offered us His body
When to each He gave some bread
His body broken just for us
Is what the Master said
Confused we did not understand
We thought He was misled
How could we have realized
Soon He would be dead

He poured from earthen vessel
Ruby fruit from purest vine
Blood He’d shed for many
Now symbolized by wine
No more said He will I take this cup
No more until the time
Till in my Father’s house we meet
Then once again we’ll dine

His tattered home spun robe
Now turning ageing white
Appeared like pure refiner’s gold
In flickering amber light
Slipping now from off His frame
To the floor beneath our sight
Round His waist He gird a towel
Secured and made it tight

Pouring water in a bowl
He knelt as if to pray
Loosening my sandals
They fell to the floor to lay
His gentle hands upon my feet
Caressed the dust away
Deep within I searched for words
But found no words to say

How could my Master Jesus
Wash these feet of clay
How could He bow low to me
On this Passover day
What price would He for me
Be required to pay
I heard Him say that He must go
But my heart was begging stay

He said, if I your Lord and Master
Can wash your feet today
Then you must wash each other’s feet
In the same unselfish way
You must love the way I love
Do not wrong repay
But forgive each as I have you
And all my words obey



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