The Great Deception
By: C.H.James

Easter bunnies, soft and cuddly
How cute they seem to be
What a pity that they hide
The truth that sets men free

Surely now we can’t forget
Old Santa and his deer
They cover up our Savior’s birth
With presents, joy and cheer

I wonder how much cheer there’ll be
When Christ returns on high
And gathers all His family
To meet Him in the sky

I wonder if the bunny
Or Santa will be there
I doubt they’ll even notice
I doubt they’ll even care

What a harmless little lie
To plant in a young child’s heart
To only rip it out one day
And tear the child apart

We wonder why our children
Don’t listen anymore
They’re tired of our lies
Our deceptions they abhor

We wonder why they left the church
And don’t believe God’s word
Could it be that we’ve confused them
With the myths from us they’ve heard?

It’s no wonder that they question
Our tale of Calvary
And the Son of God who died
To set all sinners free

They’ve heard so very many lies
From their mom and dad you see
That I guess they can’t be blamed
For refusing truth from me



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