Weep Not For Me
By: C.H.James

My love, I must express, to you
The gratefulness I feel
For the way you’ve cared
And the years we’ve shared
Our love so warm, so real
Love you’ve given without measure
Who could fail to see this treasure
Poured like sweetness from the bee?
Please my love, weep not for me

My child, don’t mourn my passing
Nor give way to days of grief
Our lives were filled with happiness
Because of our belief
Our prayers of faith have all been heard
It’s Christ that holds the key
To death and hell, it’s in His word
‘Tis Christ that sets us free
And so my child, weep not for me

My friends, you still may see me
In a smile, a verse or song
Or teaching from God’s holy word
In power, true and strong
Remember each moment shared
When we embraced in godly love
As angels rejoiced up above
Laugh aloud and sing with glee
Dear brethren, weep not for me

Place my dust beneath a branch
Where a brook runs close beside
Where I can hear my Savior’s call
And come forth with His bride
Place me where the sunshine warms
The mountains high and wide
Where flowers grow in meadow’s green
Where God’s creatures can be seen
Here I’ll rest beneath a tree
I love you all, weep not for me.



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