The Making of an Elder

(Dedicated to Dee Kelley, my friend)
By: C.H.James

Take one faithful in the Lord
and add a loving wife
Season well with tests and trials
to strengthen christian life

Stir the Spirit deep within
fold in deepest prayer
add to this a child’s young heart
nurtured well with care

Raise this child with truth and grace
with discipline and love
teach him not to lean on self
but on the Lord above

Plant in him the fruit of God
till he grows to love it so
till the seeds of it fall from his lips
till some begin to grow

Pour out God’s living water
and let him drink his fill
till it quench the fires of the flesh
till his mortal life lies still

Till Christ in him is so much more
than he would dare to dream
a river flowing out of him
in a never ending stream

A child of God revealing
the message of God’s plan
words that have transformed this boy
from child to Godly man.

Now grown he’s called to preach God’s word
to people rich and poor
breaking forth the bread of life
like Jesus did before

Forsaking all as God directs
he leaves his own to find
a fertile place to plant God’s seed
like the home he left behind

God has blessed him many times
but three now come to mind
first, with christian parents
gentle, warm and kind

Next a christian wife sharing
burdens, joys and sorrows
bearing him the children to fulfill
God’s planned tomorrows

Last, God’s given him a work
a labor in His field
and we are blessed to work with him
to gain the greater yield.



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