c;n l;4fGt
(Sound Doctrine)

ljifo ;"lr
(Table of Contents)

kf7ssf] nflu (To the reader)
kl/ro (Introduction)

  1. O{Zj/Lo ts (Divine Logic)
  2. ;[li6 cyjf ljsf;qmd (Creation or Evolution)
  3. +[l6sf] sf/0f (The Reason for Creation)
  4. d;Fu l;s (Learn of Me)
  5. v|Li6sf] dxfg\ cf1f (Commissioned by Christ)
  6. s/f/sf] ;'/Iff (Covenant Security)
  7. 6'lqmPsf] v]nf}gf (Broken Toys)
  8. ha lv|li6ogsf] d[To' x'G5 (When Christians Die)