The Blueprint

By: Clifford H. James

Chapter 1 - Welcome Home
Chapter 2 - Whose Church Is It?
Chatper 3 - Like Shepherd Like Sheep
Chapter 4 - In One Accord
Chapter 5 - As A Little Child
Chapter 6 - Foundations Of Understanding
Chapter 7 - When Jesus Calls
Chapter 8 - No Compromise
Chapter 9 - Worthy To Suffer
Chapter 10 - Why Not Walk On Water


Download the complete book "The Blueprint" in PDF or Word format.


Clifford H. James, the author of "Sound Doctrine", "The Blueprint" and most of the material found on "The Early Church" website is available to speak to any Christian group, large or small. There are no fee's required or expected however; those extending the invitation should be prepared to cover costs. Cliff will be happy to share your home and table if available. Air fare provided need only be coach class. To make arrangements, simply email

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