Finding The Early Church

Those Seeking A House Church

Below, you will find the most current listing we have of independent house churches in the United States. If you are seeking a house church within your area, Please contact and supply your name, email address, snail mail address, phone number and area code. The House Church Register will send you the email address of the fellowship nearest you.

House Churches Seeking Each Other

We would suggest that independent house churches seeking to find and fellowship with one another contact All participating assemblies who qualify for this free service will be included in the register. With the cooperation of each registered church, an update will be requested four times a year to insure the timeliness and accuracy of all house church information. House church conferences and events taking place each year will be noted and emailed to participating assemblies as organizers make this information available. (A free copy of the book entitled, The Blueprint, will be made available to all house churches that participate in the House Church Register as long as supply permits.

Starting A House Church

If there is not a house church located within reasonable commuting distance, then perhaps you might consider joining with others to begin one. House churches meet on a regularly scheduled basis but the frequency, day, time and location is decided by each assembly. Typically, they gather to share a full meal but incorporate the "last supper" as part of it. They tend to favor plural leadership and devote an effort toward discipling others to their fullest potential. We believe the books found under the section of this site called "Recommended Reading" provide and excellent basis to begin. Some of these books are available through Christian bookstores for a price while others are made available for free through their authors. See the information provided. When you have begun meeting, we strongly recommend you become a participating assembly recorded on the House Church Register ( To accomplish this, simply contact the House Church Register and notify them of your intention.


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