Sound Doctrine

Here you will find a most unusual book. Each chapter is designed to challenge the reader by probing Christianity's most sensitive beliefs.  It invites its readers to edit and correct the author. The goal of this book is truth and so it will be a never ending story.
Recommended Reading

This provides readers with a list of books which are designed to return the reader to the foundational truths of God's word. Warning: These books will stretch the boundaries of your understanding and, if you let them, will bring about unity; a unity based on truth.
The Blueprint

"The Blueprint" by C.H. James is a book that compares the church that Jesus planted with the church we see today.  Is today's church what Christ really intended? The truth is finaly being told.
Guestbook (Family Roll)

We are not alone in the family of God. Like us, there are many small groups meeting all around the world in the name of Jesus. Please take a minute and tell us a little about yourself, and then check back later to see our ever expanding registry of home churches.
Discerning The Spirits

In his widely read book (I was a flaky preacher) author and teacher, Ted Brooks, points out the biblical path to honest discernment. He sheds light on the false supernatural exploits of deceivers and begs the reader to confirm all signs and wonders using God's written word.
Finding The Early Church

If you're looking for a house church to attend or a house church looking to fellowship with other assemblies or looking for information to help you get a house church started, then this location should be a real source of help.
Cliff Quotes

A growing volume of present day proverbs written by C.H. James author of "The Blueprint" and "Sound Doctrine".
Poems for Pilgrims

An expanding collection of spiritual poems written by teacher, author and composer, C.H. James.

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