Nana’s Book
By: C.H.James

It stood all alone
In a place of its own
‘Twas the secret of life
She said
Its cover was worn
Its pages were torn
This book that my
Grandmother read

On a table it lay
By night and by day
Near the rocker where
She would read
Her plants by her chair
She would mediate there
It seemed she had no other need

It recorded our births
And all of the deaths
And the day that she
Was wed
Tears stained some pages
In this book of the ages
This book that my
Grandmother read

She treasured each word
And made certain we heard
Its wisdom so very old
How could we fail to receive
Or fail to believe
The truths she so sweetly told

My Nana is gone
But her words linger on
For I teach them to all
Who give ear
And I’ll see her one day
When we meet on the way
To our Savior and Lord so dear

The book tattered and torn
With its pages so worn
Has been passed to another to teach
Some will hear Jesus’ voice
And will make the right choice
All whose hearts He can reach



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