The Posting of the Guard
By: C.H.James

An order came down to the guard
To stand vigil at the grave
Of one that had been crucified
An ordinary knave
How strange I thought to guard the dead
As I dressed with sword and shield
I turned and asked the captain
If to him they had revealed
The reason for this mindless act
Who comes to steal poor dead
The captain looked into my eyes
And this is what he said;

Yesterday I nailed this man
Securely to a tree
Stripped and raised Him high
For all the world to see
He looked at me with eyes of love
Though I pierced His members through
And later cried, forgive them
For they know not what they do
The wind blew cold, the sky grew dark
As He hung His head and died
Some spit and cruelly mocked Him
While others groaned and cried

His executioners stand in fear
Now shaken frightened men
Afraid His promise will come true
That He will rise again
Now we’ve taken Him to rest
And we have sealed the door
And fixed the stone that locks Him in
So it can move no more
So large the stone that holds Him in
That we could plainly see
No friend or robber on our watch
Could set death’s captive free

None of those that followed Him
Could steal Him in our sight
For we stood guard o’er that tomb
And watched throughout each night
Hour by hour each long night passed
In darkness black and deep
As cold and fear of consequence
Kept each of us from sleep
The light of day began to fade
With shadows creeping near
The stars of heaven on night three
Started to appear

Throughout the night we camped there
Until the dawn of day
Revealed the stone that sealed the tomb
Had now been rolled away
In fear we trembled for our lives
We dared not enter in
For He had broken all the bonds
Of death, the grave and sin
He had gone we knew not where
We searched to no avail
This King of Jews, God's only Son
Could not be held in jail

Then two angels of the Lord
Appeared before our face
We shook in fear and fainted
Then fled that awful place
No tomb could ever hold
What death could not subdue
Christ kept His promise to His church
It's what He came to do
O grave where is your victory
O death where is your sting
The Lord has broken all sin's bonds
And reigns on high as King



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